Residential Real Estate

Residential Real Estate

Buying your private residence can be one of the most significant business transactions that an individual, couple or family can make. The Grimm Law Firm makes it a priority to protect the interests of a buyer or a seller of residential real estate.

The Texas Real Estate Commission forms are primarily used for most real estate sales and purchases. However, sometimes these forms are not the best fit for specific real estate transactions. Attorney Sarah Grimm can revise those documents to better fit the needs of clients’ special real estate transactions.

The Grimm Law Firm assists buyers and sellers of Residential Real Estate in the following ways:

* Reviewing and Revising of Earnest Money Contracts
* Reviewing Deed Restrictions for Residential Property
* Clearing any liens on the property, such as tax liens and mechanics and material men’s liens
* Explaining any ancillary forms (if property is in a controlled community or city)
* Examining any easements that affect the property
* Assisting with the closing and Review relevant closing documents
* Providing Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services such as mediation, arbitration, and negotiation of real estate disputes to avoid litigation

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