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The Texas business law office of attorney Sarah Grimm provides legal services to meet the needs of entrepreneurs and small businesses at every stage of development. From forming or acquiring a new business and hiring employees to sale of a business or dissolution of a partnership, corporation, and limited liability company, experienced legal guidance can help maximize your profit while minimizing your personal risk.

Texas Business Law Attorney Contact the Grimm Law Firm to schedule an initial consultation with an experienced Houston business law lawyer. From its home office in Houston, the Firm represents small business clients throughout Texas, including the surrounding communities of Austin, Conroe, Beaumont, Bellaire, Dallas, El Paso, Fort Bend, Fort Worth, Galveston, Plano, San Antonio, Sugar Land, Texas City, and The Woodlands.

Business Formation or Purchase: Houston business law attorney Sarah Grimm helps new business owners take their ideas from dream to reality with business formation and financing services. We help individuals create business plans that meet their needs and work together with our clients to answer important questions such as:

* What type of business entity is appropriate for your venture?
* How much risk of your personal assets do you want to tolerate?
* How will assets, risks, and authority be divided between partners?
* How can partners leave a business?
* What is the nature of your business?
* Are you organizing an ongoing business or a startup?
* Do you have employees or are you a sole proprietor?
* Do you want to take your company public or keep it a closely held business?
* Will you seek funding from third-party investors?
* What types of business licensing do you need?
* Are you a minority-owned business?
* Where do you plan to be in the next 12 to 18 months?

As an experienced business attorney, Sarah Grimm can help you make the most appropriate decision when forming your new company, whether it is a partnership, limited partnership, or limited liability partnership, corporation or limited liability company, professional association, or simply a sole proprietorship.

The Grimm Law Firm creates the following kinds of business entity structures both inside and outside of Texas, including Nevada and Delaware:

*C and S corporations
*Professional corporations (PC)
*Limited liability companies (LLC)
*General partnerships
*Limited partnerships (LP)
*Limited liability partnerships (LLP)
*Professional associations (PA)
*Non-profit corporations
*Joint ventures
*Sole proprietorship

Buying a business? Merging with another company? It is in your best interest to have an attorney review the financial aspects and review the purchase and sale agreement. Make sure you understand every aspect of the business and transaction before you sign.

Business Transactions / Contract Law:
Every business must work with an attorney at some point to ensure proper preparation of contracts, leases, and financing agreements. At the Grimm Law Firm you’ll receive prompt, friendly service, and accurate document preparation that meets your deadlines regarding:

*Contract negotiation and review
*Employment contracts and employment negotiations
*Copyright and trademark registration
*Buy-sell agreements
*Employment agreements
*Consulting and management agreements
*Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements
*Non-compete agreements
*Voting/shareholder agreements
*Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)
*Written consents
*Documentation needed for major corporate actions
*Business reorganization documents
*Sales and services agreements
*Terms and conditions agreements
*Purchase agreements (stock and asset)
*Financing and lending documents

Mediating Business Disputes: Attorney Sarah Grimm provides business dispute and contract dispute resolution assistance through mediation for business owners.

Business Dissolution or Sale of a Business:
Working with an attorney to properly dispose of a business can minimize your risk that a sale will fall through or that important details will be overlooked.

Commercial Real Estate: The firm represents business clients in negotiation and drafting of commercial leases, real estate contracts and closings, and related financing.

Entertainment Law: Entertainers, actors, screenwriters, directors, singers and songwriters benefit from thorough and assertive legal representation in the process of negotiating contracts. Don’t sign away your legal rights without having a clear understanding of your contract.

The Grimm Law Firm advises Independent Feature Film Producers and others on matters relating to investor financing of feature film and other entertainment projects.

At the Grimm Law Firm you’ll receive prompt, friendly service, and accurate document preparation, such as for the following:

*Exclusive Consignment Distribution Agreement
*Music Subscription License and Digital Music Download Wholesale Agreement
*Distribution Agreement
*Development and Publishing Agreement
*User Agreement
*Software Development Agreement
*Writer Employment Agreement
*Option/Purchase Agreement
*Actor Employment Agreement (Employ SAG Actor)
*Film Composer Borrowing Agreement
*Synchronization & Performing License
*Acquisition Agreement

Professional Staff and Outside Advisors: The Grimm Law Firm works with a professional staff and outside advisors for our business clients, including mortgage brokers, loan officers, financial planners, investment advisors, stockbrokers, real estate brokers, certified public accountants (CPAs), bank trust officers, escrow agents, and other attorneys with specialized skills such as tax and litigation. With our expansive resource of professional contacts, the Grimm Law Firm can better serve the needs of our clients.

Fast, friendly and efficient, the Grimm Law Firm is prepared to meet your legal needs for any business law matter. Contact the Houston business law office of The Grimm Law Firm to schedule an appointment.

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